Born in the Philippines in 1983, I was encouraged by Mom and Dad to draw and paint as far as I could remember, starting from making sure that I always had paper and pencil to satisfy my cravings for recreating and exploring forms and ideas of beauty. At age 14, I moved to America with Mom, my brother Kevin, and my sister Jade, living first in Park Ridge, Illinois. Mom, Kevin, and Jade moved to Arlington, Texas within a couple years, while I remained in Illinois to complete high school at Notre Dame for Boys in Niles and attend Loyola University Chicago, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. The University of Texas School of Architecture brought me to Austin in 2007, while I was beckoned to call Austin home by the hot summers in the swift-flowing rivers of the Texas Hill Country and the warm, maverick Texas culture mixing unassumingly with creative cosmopolitanism.