American Cheese Fondue

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For $99.99 + tax, commission an oil painting on 12 x 12” canvas by four artists, completed in front of you* in under one hour at the closing of Highs and Lo-Fi's, Adrian Armstrong’s solo show at Co-Lab Projects @ Springdale General, 1023 Springdale Road, Suite 1B Austin, TX 78721.

Email now to reserve a time slot between 3pm and 6pm on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

Thomas Cook, Jeffrey Primeaux, and Saul Jerome San Juan come together as American Cheese Fondue—a blend of delicious talent melting into a performance you can consume and a product you can own. Each artist will take 15-minute turns working on your painting, finished with a final layer by a guest artist Adrian Armstrong.

American Cheese Fondue Process flow chart.jpg

The Process

  1. Select an image for American Cheese Fondue to paint for you

    • Possibilities include pets, food, selfies, feelings, landmarks, objects, scenery, vehicles, and words—basically anything you would upload to your Instagram feed

    • American Cheese Fondue will not paint copyrighted and trademarked images such as cartoon characters

    • By requesting an image to paint, you are claiming rights to the image as copyright holder or permission to use it, and are granting American Cheese Fondue permission to interpret the image into an original piece of art under fair use

  2. Send your requested image and reserve a session through americancheesefondue @

    • Request an image you would like American Cheese Fondue to paint by attaching it to the email

    • Send the email ASAP, as space is limited

    • Receive an email confirmation with your assigned time slot*

  3. If you are able*, come watch American Cheese Fondue turn your image request into a painting at Co-Lab Projects

    • *You do not have to present during the event to commission a painting

    • Be sure to take pictures or videos of American Cheese Fondue working on your painting and post liberally on social media using the hashtag #americancheesefondue

    • Saul Jerome San Juan will begin painting the first layer promptly at the beginning of your assigned hour

    • Jeffrey Primeaux will take over with his layer at the 15-minute mark

    • Thomas Cook will take over with his layer at the 30-minute mark

    • Guest artist Adrian Armstrong will take over with the final layer at the 45-minute mark

    • Your painting will be completed by the 60-minute mark

    • Tag @americancheesefondue and the individual artists on Instagram:

A sampling of the 57 commissioned paintings completed by American Cheese Fondue during West Austin Studio Tour 2019: