b. 1983 Quezon City, Philippines


M.Arch, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, 2012

B.A., Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2006

Select Exhibitions and Projects

American Cheese Fondue, 2019-present

Likesness, Northern-Southern Gallery, Austin, TX, 2019

Austin-Bergstrom International Aiport, Austin, TX, 2018

People’s Gallery 2018, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX, 2018

Dell Children’s Trust Art of Giving, Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas, Austin, TX, 2015-2018

West Austin Studio Tour, The Neill-Cochran House Museum, Austin, TX, 2016-2018

Build Hope Not Walls, Big Medium, Austin, TX, 2017

Art Hop 2017, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX, 2017

Austin Police Department Summer Leadership Program, Kealing Middle School, Austin, TX, 2016-2017

Small Works, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX, 2015

Art Hop 2014, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX, 2014

Artist Statement

The physical absence of my favorite color embodies desire in my paintings.

Blue is my favorite color. I love water and the hot clear skies of the Texas summer, as I am drawn both to the tender innocence and the menacing coldness of blue eyes.

I avoid using blue pigments in my paintings, instead relying on tricks of color theory and cultural bias to make my favorite color appear to the beholder.

The coolest color in my palette is a mix of carbon black and titanium white, two “non-colors” pitted against the heat of red and yellow.

In the real world, blue eyes, after all, are not the result of blue pigments, but rather the lack of warm pigments found in green, hazel, and brown eyes.

Likewise, the true blue of pure water is intensified by depth and its penetration by the whitest light. Alternatively, water can be made to appear blue by rendering it impure with the addition of blue pigments.

Painting is artifice. In painting, I attempt to bring closer the distant, make permanent the fleeting, and concretize my fancies into objects I hope people can simply enjoy for their beauty.

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